How Can I Go To Cuba?

There are many places to visit around the globe.

However, other places are just not the right destinations to visit and some restrict entry to specific groups of people.

cuba-1092372_1920It is therefore important to know whether you can visit any given country.

One question I have been getting from many people recently is; can I go to Cuba? Well, you can visit Cuba whenever you want and that is not the only thing you can do.

There are a lot of fun things and aesthetic views to catch up to in this region.

Although Cuba is not quite famous as a tourist destination, it still attracts varying groups of travelers who go there for fun activities, research, business, education or employment among other things.

What about the restrictions?

The US recently re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba and this comes with many great things. However, the restrictions forbidding people to travel to from US to Cuba under US law still stand.

Before 2015, any US citizen who wanted to travel to Cuba, it would require lengthy applications though the US Department of Treasury.

Even then, this was only limited to researchers like biologists and geographers studying the Cuban coral reefs and such.

After 2015, the lengthy application process has been shortened and researchers no longer need a pre-approved status to travel directly from US to Cuba.

Nonetheless, their travel must not include any activities inconsistent with pure research.

What about other types of travelers?smoking-886540_1920

As of January 2015, the pre-approved status has been lowered on other types of travelers visiting Cuba and all you need is a Visa (which is different from the license).

They also have to sign an affidavit containing the purpose of their visit.

The new travelers allowed to visit Cuba without a lengthy approval from US Treasury

include the following;

• Those visiting family
• Those on humanitarian projects that support Cuban people
• Official US government business (foreign government & intergovernmental organizations)
• Professional research and journalists
• Educational activities (if you are in an academic institution)
• People-to-people travel
• Religious and private foundations groups
• Exploring specific internet based services
• Public performances such as clinics, exhibitions and workshops


Going to Cuba has become easier than it has ever been in decades and you do not require any elaborate process of vetting and approval before travelling.

However, it is important to remain watchful on new relations and agreements made before making travel arrangements. So can I go to Cuba?

Of course, all that is needed is the official Visa and signed affidavit.