How To Choose The Best Hotel For Your Vacation

You have been saving up and finally are ready to go on the long awaited vacation. Part of the planning is to choose a hotel to stay in during the holiday. Whether one is traveling and vacationing as a group or alone. Here is a guide to help choose the best hotel for your vacation.

Choosing The Best Hotel

Have A Budgetlkxkxkckckck

Consider the amount of money you are planning to spend on hotel accommodation. This will be guided on the duration of time you are planning for your vacation. It will also help you select hotels that are within the range of budget you would want to pay. Too many people tend to overspend when on vacation on their lodging and end up not having money to have fun and enjoy themselves. Have a budget and stick to it, no matter what you set aside to spend there is a hotel that will meet the price range.

The Hotel Features

When trying to find the best hotel to stay at, it is essential to prioritize your needs and wants. Depending on the kind of vacation that is being planned, some amenities may be more important than others. If you are planning to spend a lot of time at the hotel during your vacation, then their some amenities that will be essential to have to keep your stay enjoyable. Such amenities may include wireless internet access, pool, free breakfast.

However, if one is planning to be on the road for the vacation then what matters will include convenience, price, and location. Furthermore, if one is vacationing with the family and have children, do they want a room that they can share or one that has adjoining rooms. Knowing what features you want, will help in choosing a hotel that will best suit you during the vacation.

Outside Amenities

,xklxklxkxkxkxkAnother factor for one to consider when looking for a hotel to vacation in is facilities that are available around the hotel. Are there areas that one can go exploring any site seeing areas, local restaurants, tourist attraction sites. A hotel located near such will be of great advantage as part of the itinerary.

Finally, go online and research on reviews and feedback from former guests to the hotel. There are websites dedicated to giving reviews and ratings on hotels. Read through and get information on what the experiences guests have had. Such information will helpful as one makes a decision.


You’ve really enjoyed your tour, and the tour guide knows it.

It’s time to show him how much you appreciated the tour.

He isn’t expecting hugs and verbal appreciation. So, you must keep that to yourself. He is probably expecting a tip as a token of appreciation..


The question is, How much do you tip a tour guide?

This is where everything becomes confusing. You want to do something to maintain that smiley face and you also don’t want to overdo it.

He isn’t like that beggar on the street who’ll appreciate 50 cents.

He isn’t also one of your high paid employees either.

So, you must make a wise move to avoid embarrassing yourself.

Here are some few tips to save you all the trouble.

mademoiselle-307923_1280DRIVER GUIDE

It is probable that apart from just driving you, your driver will be offering a commentary. This is an added task.

If he did it well, it wouldn’t be bad if you offer him 10%-20% of the total charge for the tour service.

It is also humanly to accompany the tip with a verbal appreciation to show him you appreciate what he is doing.


If your tour guide is employed by any other government site such as national parks, save yourself the money. If he isn’t, then, just like tipping a driver guide, give him 10% to 20% of the total cost of the tour. This should be around $2 to $5 per person.

You should do this when your tour guide is done serving you.


Most of the time, multi-day tour programs are accompanied by lots of tasks. Apart from offering commentary services, you tour guide has other responsibilities.

On the other hand, your driver will also have some added tasks such as loading and unloading your luggage. The tip here should be a little more.

$8 to $10 per tour guide and $5 per driver each day won’t be too bad.


Most limo or taxi drivers are ever talkative and friendly.

It’s like travelling with a friend. At this point, you might be tempted to do it big. Don’t forget that he is only doing his job.

Unlike any other driver guide, limo drivers may expect something more. 15% of the total price would do.


Shuttles will take you to car rentals or parking lots, meaning that they don’t have a lot of tasks ahead. If you have luggage, $1 per bag will do it.

If there is no luggage, then they’ll be better off with the $1

Depending on how long the journey is, you can increase your tip to $2 to $3.

TIPPING OTHER TOUR GUIDESvillage-1192158_1280

You might also decide to hire the services of other tour guides such as, independent
guides, sailing excursions, trains, airlines and more.

* For independent guides, 15% to 20% will do.

* For airlines: Electric cart drivers or Skycaps should be $1 per person and lastly wheelchair pushers, $5 per person is okay.

* Sailing excursions: $10 for the captain and $5 per person is much better.

* Trains: 15 percent of the total price and $1 per bag is just enough.

It is called, being human. Most of the tour guides are used to being tipped, and they aren’t expecting anything less from you. If you indeed, enjoyed the tour and confirmed it in your conversation, then you have to do something.

What you must remember is that apart from the tip, you already paid for the service, meaning that you don’t have to overdo it.
On the other hand, if the tour guide didn’t offer you the service you were looking forward to, you don’t have to tip. Save yourself all te trouble by using the tips above.